Hi I’m Federico Floridi, I’m a director and a filmmaker based in Milan.
I’ve always been passionate about cinema and everything about images.
I’ve attend at an Art School first and then I’ve study “Film direction and production” at the University.
During my years of study, I’ve developed over time a deep interest for the images.
In 2005 I started working in different commercials production houses in Milan.
During all those years I’ve continued to work to my own projects: some music videos and four short movies.
Some of them have participated to the Filmmaker Festival and to the Milan Film Festival.
Create stories and make them live on a screen makes me the happiest person in the world…I love what i’m doing!

Please contact me if you have any questions or just want to say hi.

Plunks is a creative duo (directing and cinematography) formed by Federico Floridi and Francesco Galli.